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A bit more detail

6 months of SEO and Marketing

Bulldog Digital Media

Our Challenge

This infographic was made to increase traffic to our website, as well as giving an insight to how SEO and Marketing should be done. With Bulldog Digital Media successfully running a year this infographic was made to show how Bulldog went about performing 6 months of SEO and Marketing from July to January.

It was an incredibly successful infographic, showing how in 6 months a business can use SEO and different types of Marketing can help increase return on investment, your website ranking and your revenue. The infographic shows steps that include identifying keywords, assessing competitors, outreaching, analytics, social media promotions, budgeting, Paid Search, Advertising and reviews. This infographic is larger than the average infographic but does not let users lose patience with it due to the high count of illustrations and variety of imagery.

Colours relate to the Bulldog logo with the use of the blue, this worked well with the red and really makes the infographic stand out from others. Then with the sectioned off months and dotted path running through the infographic it makes it very easy to follow and attractive.

The Results

Our Infographic on 6 months of Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing was very successful. It was picked up by the two biggest SEO and Marketing blogs in the world and can be found roundup and a dedicated post. The marketing blogs we Marketing Land and Search Engine Land which are incredible popular in the Marketing online world. The Infographic was picked up and linked to by over 43 websites overall. This is not only great for SEO but fantastic for traffic to our blog.

6 months of SEO and Marketing

Bulldog Infographics