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Leaflet Distribution Myth vs Fact

Essex Distribution

Our Challenge

Essex Distributions is a firm of experienced direct marketing professionals with a reputation for providing top quality, reliable leaflet distribution services throughout the county. Essex Distributions believe that direct marketing with a printed leaflet, flyer, brochure or magazine is still the most cost-effective way to reach real customers and increase sales. They specialise in increasing sales and creating a great customer connection.

This infographic for Essex Distribution was used and put onto their blog, this was to increase their web traffic towards their website. It is an effective infographic that shows how Leaflet Distribution is effective and that there are many myths about how it doesn't work anymore. The infographic shows four myths about leaflet distribution then shows off four facts that proves these myths wrong in how leaflet distribution is effective.

The infographic was successful, it catches the eye due to the colours, strong text and easily laid out sections. The infographic relates to Essex Distributions perfectly as they specialise in leaflet distributions and is something that they are strong believers of. Therefore showing how it is more effective than TV and email advertising will help their need and purpose.

The Results

Results for Essex Distributions Myth vs Fact infographic were very good. It got picked up by some authoritative sites in the Print Industry. With 144 tweets on Twitter, 4 shares on Facebook, 6 Google plus posts and 2 pins on Pinterest the infographics was spread around.

Leaflet Distribution Myth vs Fact

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