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10 ways to keep employees happy


Our Challenge

CPS HR and Payroll Solutions provide an unrivalled service, delivering the latest solutions and on-going research and development. They can offer HR software and payroll management solutions that can adapt to a changing future and a high level of customer service. CPS have been doing this for over 15 years and are a trusted business in the HR and Payroll solutions market.

In September 2014 CPS decided to use this infographic on their blog. The infographic describes the 10 best ways to keep employees happy. For businesses this is a very important infographic to keep an eye on. It is incredibly important for employers keep their employees happy, loyal and engaged. So this infographic shows employers exactly how they can do this.

The infographic done the job for CPS and got the message across very well. The infographic is attractive, informative and was very popular. It's neutral colours, simplistic illustrations and easy to read lay out made it a great infographic to put onto CPS' blog.

The Results

The CPS HR and Payroll Solutions infographic managed to gain an overall amount of 25 shares and posts from their blog from other websites and companies which increased their web traffic. These shares and posts were from Google plus, Facebook and Twitter.

10 ways to keep employees happy

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