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Have you planned for a bad day?

Arc Systems

Our Challenge

Arc Systems was founded in 1992 and established itself as an experienced and respected IT consultancy, offering cost effective solutions to its customers in the areas of IT support, Managed backup, Cloud Services and Internet Connectivity. They have over 300 clients within the SME market and provide the highest level of service to each of its customers by offering in-house expertise.

The infographic we provided for Arc Systems was based on what they do. So we based their infographic on we used information and facts about how businesses need security plans and what happens when back up plans are not issued. This infographic is called "Have you planned for a bad day?" The infographic shows how every business will struggle to survive if certain plans are not met. This suits Arc Systems as it is something they specialise in and can help with any issues of not planning for a bad day.

The design of the infographic is very colourful, it goes hand in hand with Arc Systems logo which has a blue, orange, green and purple circle on it. It gets the message across very well and was incredibly successful for Arc Systems.

The Results

After a two month promotion, Arc Systems' infographic was by far one of our most successful infographic, picking up natural links to this day. It's biggest exposure, was being featured on a governmental website around Business Continuity.

Have you planned for a bad day?

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