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A bit more detail

Dive Guru's Path to Enlightenment

Dive Master

Our Challenge

Dive Master is an independent insurance provider to recreational divers in the UK. The company has grown over the years and its account now comprises a predominantly EU bias but also extends to the Red Sea, Australasia, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

Dive Guru's Path to Enlightenment is the first of Dive Master's infographics. Dive Master wanted an infographic on their blog that showed safety when in the water and diving. People that use Dive Master and follow Dive Master will be the people who see this and use this very useful and important infographic. Showing the safety of activities in the water is something Dive Master specialise in and want to get out to people so this infographic works perfectly.

The design of the infographic suits the company as it shows the scene of under the sea with the main Guru at the top of the path of enlightenment. With the vital safety information going down the path and illustrations used showing the safety instructions.

The Results

Results for Dive Master's Dive Guru infographic were very successful. They managed many shares, likes and posts off their own blog as well as other websites featuring their infographic. Online Diving companies shared Dive Master's infographic and used it on their websites which resulted in a successful infographic campaign.

Dive Guru's Path to Enlightenment

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