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A bit more detail

The Perfect Noble Brunch

Noble Espresso

Our Challenge

Noble Espresso is a young, dynamic team of coffee professionals comprising some of the UK's most talented baristas. They provide the finest quality speciality coffee for events throughout the country. They have hosted many events with clients such as Nike, BBC, Google and Facebook. Founded in 2013 in Kings Cross they have quickly become an integral part of London's coffee scene.

They came to Bulldog for SEO and part of their SEO campaign was to increase the traffic to their website with the help of the infographic. After brain-storming and discussing ideas the idea of showing off Noble Espresso's brunch seemed perfect. We wanted to show how the Noble Espresso Brunch lived up to it's name of "The Perfect Noble Brunch", whilst also giving more of an insight into the event. We managed to achieve this by showing the class of the service, the exceptional team behind the Brunch, the quality of the suppliers used, a feel for the venue and lastly what the Brunch included.

The infographic itself gives an idea of what the Brunch looks like, with the team together behind the coffee counter and the aftermath of the delicious Brunch. We used an article from which gave a detailed review of the Brunch that Noble Espresso hosted with Habitat designing the Platform Gallery into a stunning part time restaurant.

The Results

The Perfect Noble Brunch

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