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A bit more detail

Game of Thrones in the Supply Chain

Estuary Logistics

Our Challenge

Estuary Logistics is a freight service business that provide a service that is completely customer-focused. Their aim is to become the UK's most trusted and reliable provider of inspired international logistics services. Formed in 2011 Estuary Logistics started trading as a result of CEO James Circus' decision to create a much more customer focused freight service, something that was missing in the market at the time.

Estuary Logistics needed an Infographic that would attract the attention of users. It is used on their website as they wanted an up-to-date and popular theme. With the Game of Thrones season finale drawing to a close then it was the perfect time to make an infographic about Game of Thrones for Estuary Logistics. With Game of Thrones being the most viewed Television programme in the World then it was an easy decision to use this theme. The Game of Thrones is full of iconic characters and scenes so there were a number of ideas flowing for this infographic.

An article about the different Game of Thrones characters roles in the Supply Chain was used as it relates to Estuary perfectly. It will initially capture the attention due to the recognisable faces of the Game of Thrones characters and will also attract the right audience for Estuary Logistics due to the article used. Having the article that relates the Game of Thrones to different roles of the Supply Chain is perfect for Estuary Logistics. The design of the infographic shows the faces of the famous and iconic characters, as well as having the house icons in the background to add to the depth of the infographic.

The Results

Game of Thrones in the Supply Chain

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