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10 steps to write a perfect email

Email Octopus

Our Challenge

Email Octopus is an email service that saves people money by sending your emails through Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES). Set up by Jonathan and Gareth, a programmer and marketer frustrated with the cost of sending email campaigns. By saving people money on email campaigns, Email Octopus is becoming a very sufficient and successful way to set up Email Octopus.

The infographic for Email Octopus was always going to relate to emailing, whether it be advice on writing or factual information about emailing. The final decision was to make the infographic about the 10 steps to write a perfect email. This included gripping titles, design, messages, being mobile friendly and many more tips to help people make the best possible email. This infographic was placed onto their social media blogs.

The design of the infographic is very simple and easy to understand, just like an email. With the colour scheme that relates to Email Octopus' logo a purple and green was used as the main two colours. With the illustrations to the right of each point and the different points sectioned off with a zig-zag effect this infographic was successful in sending the right message across to Email Octopus' target market.

The Results

The results were very promising for Email Octopus as traffic towards the website increased after the infographic was put up. With many shares and posts from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

10 steps to write a perfect email

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