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What is an infographic?

An Infographic is a graphic visual representation of information, knowledge, data or facts. They are used as a quick and appealing way to send information across to the viewer.

No one likes to read standard boring text! Infographics can be used to catch they eye and are perfect for advertising your company. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why use infographics?

It's easy!

It's easy!

9 out of 10 visitors read text placed on infographics. Infographics are easy to read and understand, as 90% of information that comes visually is stored in your brain, making infographics very useful for getting information across.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

Infographics are attractive; it makes them very popular on social media and blogs. It is quick and easy to get your information out there. Alongside with the rapid growth of social media, infographics thrive.

Improve your brand!

Improve your brand!

Your logo will be placed on every infographic we make for you. This will improve your brand image, allow you to reach a specific target audience and will get your brand out there. This gives you the edge over your competition! We will relate your infographics to your target market’s interests; this will attract the right audience to your business.

Increase web traffic!

Increase web traffic!

Whilst your infographic is being shared it will lead people to your website. This will drive traffic to your website, allowing you to get involved with SEO to improve the visibility and ranking of your website. On average traffic to a website increases by 12% after uploading an infographic! So why not get started?

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"We love our infographic, Bulldog Infographics were creative, responsive and great to work with. The process was easy to follow and we were constantly given updates on the work and Bulldog met all of our needs."

Curt Hems, OMG Entertainments

"Our infographic was delivered on time and to a great quality. The process was seamless and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for, can't wait to work with Bulldog Infographics again!"

Isabelle White, Estuary Logistics

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